A percentage of all of Pat’s HAIR THEATER show fees are directed to The Hair Theater Fund housed at The Columbus Foundation. The Hair Theater Fund assists women and girls in financial need, who have lost their hair from chemotherapy, buy wigs and hats.

For more information: patwynnbrown@yahoo.com or
(614) 261-6744


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HAIR THEATER is fun! The show--conceived, written, and performed by Pat Wynn Brown-- is a chit-chat comedy performance piece. Pat sprung from the high and full, then long and straight, exciting hair eras of the 1950s and 1960s. She and her hair have seen and experienced a lot. The wacky storytelling, dancing, singing, and her good times HAIR THEATER show curls around the stories of Pat‘s life, as told through the evolution of her hairdos.

But why a whole show about hair? Everyone makes such a big deal about the truth of life being found in DNA. Really, more research should go into telling us the hidden meaning and symbolism of hairdos. Our hair is an expression of our personalities, wit, emotions, independence, psychology, rebellion, sensuality, sexuality, and politics. When it betrays us on a bad hair day, we mourn like we’ve lost a good friend. When it looks great, we revel in our crowning hair glory.

To get a sense of the tone and tenor of the HAIR THEATER experience try this little experiment: Think of the various episodes of HAIR THEATER as a braiding together of the performances of Regis and Kelly/Garrison Keillor/Charo/Lucy, as directed by Liza Minelli. Get the picture?

A variety of HAIR THEATER episodes are available for your entertainment and fundraising needs. HAIR THEATER can be styled to your specifications. Sample episodes include:

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“IF YOUR HAIRDOS COULD TALK”-- Great for women’s conferences, club associations, wellness events.

“MUCH ADO ABOUT HAIRDOS-- Filled with good, healthy, spirit raising laughter, and a few poignant moments, for cancer survivors and hospital staff. An uplifting romp into our complex attachment with our hair.

“HAIR THEATER SLUMBER PARTY”- Much is revealed at this retreat/spa weekend performance. Booked as part of your existing get away event.

“THE HAIR-A-LUJAH CHORUS”- Excellent for a spiritual/religious/community activism gathering. Our sense of helping others and the “obligation of the cured” is at the heart of this episode. Pat’s appreciation of surviving cancer comes into play.

“TUPPER-HAIR PARTY”- Bring HAIR THEATER to your special home group with lots of audience participation and good times giggles.

theater in progress
HAIRDOS HIGH - Pat’s Catholic School Girl Hair History takes center stage as she avoids hairdo detention, brings her Irish hair-itage to the forefront, crowns the Hair Queen, and decides the winner of the fast paced and exciting “Know Your Patron Saints” contest--where all the saints have hair related stories. A perfect Catholic school fundraiser. (Think: Nunsense meets The Trouble with Angels)

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