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Launching Boy Wonder


Launching young adults from the nest is no easy feat. Raising kids is the hardest job on earth, but getting them out of your house can be even more difficult. Sure we’re sad when it’s time for them to go on to college, or their own apartments, or the military service, but we are also secretly happy to have a part of our lives back, and also the TV controls. Pat Wynn Brown performs a humorous piece called LAUNCHING BOY WONDER in which she tells stories about those often turbulent teenage years, and then the breaking away phase for parents and their kids.

She advises the audience that the separation anxiety for both is short lived, as 60 percent of kids move back in with their parents after college. This in itself is a barrel of laughs. Many financial advantages are also outlined. Sure college is costing you your mortgage, your great grandfather’s gold watch, and one kidney (from each parent), but think of HOW MUCH MONEY YOU ARE SAVING IN KETCHUP!

At LAUNCHING BOY WONDER audience members laugh about shared experiences, rejoice in the important job they’ve done as parents, and shed a few happy tears over their love for their children. Laughter abounds. Anxiety is reduced. Hearts are lifted. (With 75 percent more relief guarantee than those Lamaze classes designed to reduce labor pains.)

Pat’s parenting philosophy resounds through the talk piece: “Humor is the best epidural for life’s rips and tears.”

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Ever feel maternal guilt? What time is it?

Most of us do and that’s why I’ve written MOMMA CULPA, a funny book/journal revealing a real life mom and her well-intentioned foibles and follies when it comes to mothering. In MOMMA CULPA I list my 81 innocent errors of motherhood spanning our son’s first 18 years under our roof. Considering I made more than 75 million maternal acts and decisions, this is an excellent track record by anyone’s measure.

Writing this book has had multiple benefits! First, it helped me clear my conscience. Second, I beat our son to the punch on his own MOMMIE DEAREST book. And most important of all, the readers seem to really get a good laugh out of it.

Need a laugh? This is the book for you. MOMMA CULPA is mother’s little spirit lifter helper. This is a companion piece to LAUNCHING BOY WONDER, the show. MOMMA CULPA leaves off where LAUNCHING BOY WONDER picks up.

Men like the book, and LAUNCHING BOY WONDER show, too! Here’s a quote from humor writer Christopher Buckley…

“Pat Brown makes me laugh out loud while feeling good inside, though the latter may have been due to the fact that I ate an entire box of Oreo cookies while chuckling through her book. Either way, she’s edible: her book, her outlook, her take on life, everything.


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