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Quotes - What Pat's audiences are saying about her behind her back...


"Dramas and traumas. Triumphs and tragedies. Women laughing, talking recalling their history and their - hairstory." Young and old alike, joined in one joyous, cathartic evening…Good hair days, bad hair days. Love it, hate it. Flaunt it, hide it. And so goes Hair Theater." --- Eileen Dempsey in THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

"The idea seemed intriguing but quite different…Hair Theater. What is it? It was a ‘chit-chat theater performance. It was hilarious and poignant in turns. It was unexpected, honest, entertaining, and just fun to experience…As the character Truvy said in the film STEEL MAGNOLIAS: "This is gonna go down in the Hairdo Hall of Fame."---Missie Kendall, Community Relations Director, Barnes and Noble

"Amazing!"---Susanne Jaffe, director of Thurber House, a center for readers and writers

"I enjoyed your show so much and I've talked with to several cancer survivors who have just raved over it."---Marguerite Goulet, oncology nurse, MUCH ADO ABOUT HAIRDOS attendee

"This weekend has changed me in ways that I'm not sure I fully understand yet, but I have appreciated the tears and especially the laughter!"---Sue Hinson, HAIR THEATER SLUMBER PARTY attendee

"What a new, wonderful experience…A bonding experience I never considered, "How our hair can bring us together…a true awakening."---Marianne Bontempo, HAIR THEATER SLUMBER PARTY attendee

"Oh her visions! Pat has the remarkable talent to bring out all the small things that you think in the back of your head and allow them to dance off the tongue."---Heidi Goodman, Community Relations Coordinator, Borders Books and Music


About LAUNCHING BOY WONDER…(a talk-piece about kids leaving the nest)

"Her presentation touched our hearts…there were tears from laughter and tears from the poignant reflection…All of us left that evening filled with joy!"---Marian Hutson, principal at Bishop Watterson High School

"We can laugh at ourselves and she will help us!"---Marilyn Parker, former Director of Lower School, The Columbus School for Girls

"Our audience truly enjoyed the true passion you shared as a mother, as a wife, and as a human being. Through the use of humor, you provided everyone with an opportunity to not only look back at their own personal memories as a child and what they did to their own parents, but also provided insight into the dynamics of family relationships from past, present, and future. Ohio Dominican hopes to have you back!"--Christie Wiener, Alumni Director, Ohio Dominican University

About MOMMA CULPA…(Pat's book/ journal about her foibles and follies in raising her son)

"As a pediatrician and health advocate for children, I have several copies of MOMMA CULPA in my two offices. I hand them out to parents when Brazelton and Spock just won't do. My hat and stethoscope go off to Patricia Wynn Brown for adding light, a love of family tradition, and a compassionate sense of humanity to the ups and downs of the serious business of being mommas and poppas."---Angel Cadiz, M.D. in private practice at Coral Springs, Florida

"What this book is culpable of is a deliciously cutting wit/ and as a non-parent, I intend to hand it out with the approximately ten thousand dollars worth of faux leopard blankets, teach-your-child-ancient-Greek learning toys, silver Bedouin rattles, and the like that I have given to new parents--this book is worth more than all of them!"---Jacki Lyden, N.P.R. host and author of DAUGHTER OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA

"Pat Wynn Brown makes me laugh out loud while feeling good inside, though the latter may have been due to the fact that I ate an entire box of Oreo cookies while chuckling through her book. Either way, she's edible: her book, her outlook, her take on life, her everything."--Christopher Buckley, author of LITTLE GREEN MEN, NO WAY TO TREAT A FIRST LADY

About THE ROCKETTE RULES…(Living and working better the Rockette way)

Writing conference comments: The session was pure fun…very entertaining and helpful…one of the best…The session was not only hysterical…it was inspiring…She stole my heart!…She had the most influence on me throughout the whole conference…Ms. Brown was thoroughly prepared.---The Erma Bombeck Humor Conference

About Pat in general…

"She's a good girl, but a little mouthy."---Dorothy Mary Cavanaugh Wynn (Pat's Mom)


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