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Hair Theater - The Book

All of this hullabaloo about our complicated relationship with our hair is enough to fill a book. Our hair is colored and tinted with drama and humor, and we can easily tell the stories of our lives (and loves) through the evolution of our hairdos.

Our early hairdo years play a great part in our hair histories, with our mothers acting as our first hairdressers (Often with tragic results that with the passage of time, magically transform into hilarious stories). As we enter our teenage years we look to the stars for hair style inspiration. Reaching for the stars does not always a star head make. (Anyone attempting Jane Fonda's shag from Klute can attest to that.)

We bring love into our lives with our hair, and we can do certain tricks with our hair to make love bloom. Our hair genetics may dictate our texture and curl, and sometimes we ride that wave, or we jump hair ship in order to achieve our idealized selves. If we are faced with losing our hair we learn a lot about who we really are and what we truly want from life. They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Huh-uh baby. It's the hair. It's all about the hair.

Do you have a hair story to share? Maybe it’s a hair makeover gone bad. Perhaps a childhood hair incident still sticks in your mind. What about first date hair, and wedding hair tales? Have you lost your hair and want to share your experience about that?

Perhaps your story will be included in the upcoming book. Your permission would be requested.

Send your story to: patwynnbrown@yahoo.com


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