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Books, Bangs, & Bucks!

****Here’s an idea for your book club****

Order Pat Wynn Brown’s new book:

The Revealing Comedy and Tragedy
on Top of Your Head

(available at:

Enjoy the book club discussion by bringing “significant hair photos” from your illustrious hairdo past to share (supply Kleenex— laughter to the point of tears will flood the room)


Ask each of your members to drop in the hat a donation to The Hair Theater Fund at The Columbus Foundation (or your local charity) to help fund wigs for women going through chemo. They could, for example, donate what it costs for them to receive particular beauty services. This is tax deductible.

There is some media interest in this effort. If your group chooses to do the “Books, Bangs, & Bucks” please reply right away.

To Send Your donation:
The Hair Theater Fund at the Columbus Foundation
1234 E. Broad St.
Columbus, Ohio 43205
Ph: 614- 251-4000

Also reply for more information on this great beach read and philanthropic activity.

This, from one of our wig fund recipients:

“…you don’t realize what you do for women like me, or maybe you do… I pray God will always keep his arms wrapped around you. All my love and prayers go with you through life.”

---R.L. (Nelsonville, Ohio)

A percentage of the royalties from Hair-A-Baloo goes to The Hair Theater Fund at The Columbus Foundation.


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